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Hi, My name is Gillian, these photographs are of me and my Son, Sam.  Sam is 7 years old, has Autism and is non-verbal.

Sam's Autism has taken us on an emotional  journey of discovery, acceptance and exploration.  We have learned, as a family, so much from Sam and I have no doubt in my mind that we will continue to do so.  The most important thing I have learned is that even though Autism changes lives it does not have to be a totally negative experience.  Learning about Sam and his Autism has opened a door to something new - a way in which I can help other families like ours...  My book of poems describes most of what we have experienced as a family on Sam's journey so far and also describes how I imagine Sam to feel based on what I have learned about Autism and the way I know it affects my Son.  The book is now being used in some schools to help teachers, parents and Children alike, understand what Autism actually is.

Together with an amazing team of girls I have begun a new venture ‘Embracing Autism’.  We are offering workshops to parents, carers, therapists, emergency services and many more…  Our workshops cover Autism to varying degrees depending on what information is required.  We also offer de-stress and re-empowerment workshops to help families rebuild their lives and regain  their health and inner strength. Click here for more details - http://embracingautism.co.uk

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website - I hope you enjoy it !

More Than Words

New Dreams

When you have your baby

you're overcome with joy,

it really doesn't matter

if you have a girl or boy.

As you watch your baby grow

you know it's all worth while

the pain and all the worrying

disappears with that first smile.

As time goes by you notice

that something’s not quite right,

your little ones not doing,

the things that others might.

He may not really look at you,

or listen when you talk,

he may seem quite unsteady

with that funny tip toe walk.

More time goes by and finally

a Doctor you must see.

You know there's something different now,

though you're not sure what it can be.

When Autism is eventually diagnosed,

you really can't explain

all the hurt you feel inside,

the anguish and the pain.

Your dreams are all but over

for the perfect child you had,

now you have so much more to learn

and it really hurts like mad.


But Autism is not the end of things,

it's really just the start,

a different mind and way of life

of which you're now a part.

It's a chance to meet new people too,

make lots of wonderful friends,

It's a chance to really learn a lot,

it's not where your dream ends.

It's time to re-arrange your life

and organise your mind,

your little Angel needs you now

so leave your fear behind.

I'm not saying it is easy

In fact it's very hard,

reminders pop up every day,

just like a calling card,

of the life that you had planned

the way you expected it to be,

but life with Autism is not all bad,

just you wait and see.

As time goes by, acceptance will

start to take a hold,

true friends will help you through it all

they have a heart of gold !

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